Independent Contractor Cooperative

There are hundreds of amazing and experienced certified consultants. Many of us have worked on multiple projects together over the years. We are always thrilled when we end up on projects together booked by recruiters - simply by chance - because they have strong product knowledge, have seen so many different variations in the build of the product and know what works. They just know what to do and work well together - have each other's back. These are behaviors that come with the confidence only afforded with years of experience - this also ensures a different type of conversation with a client.

Simply Staffed attained a silver SAP partnership in the hopes that these talented people would have a way to do the work they love with clients who seek them out.

We have built out process and methodology as well as tools and of course access to training. We built the world we would like to work in. So of course we invited like-minded folks to work with us. We line up the deals and projects, submit RFPs and do the engagement leadership, status reports and invoicing etc.

This enables consultants to spend more time with clients.

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