Why is this swamped recruiter smiling as he takes another job order?

Because he has a recruiting solution that helps him nurture leads to be an active pipeline so he can fill the role quickly with an amazing candidate.

The manager has tools and training to develop that new hire so they are likely to stay.

This is what makes recruiting feel like he is helping candidates instead of selling them something.

It is kind of a big deal.

Design & Build | Advisory & Support

Whether you are just starting your journey, you are are about to implement or you are live, but need optimization or additional support to close tickets faster, we can help.

Design & Build with 80/20

Design Workshops and Iterative Build Cycles to be sure you leverage best practice for the standard part (80%), do a fit gap and solution for the outliers (20%)

Standard where you can and then creative configurations that align to standard to care for the gap.

Advisory & Support

Help in scoping your project correctly in the sales cycle is easier when the consultant who has done the build is in the conversation.

Support is more than a ticket. Experienced consultants solving root cause issues means fewer repeat tickets.

Overview videos from SAP

Some high level videos on products in case you are new to SuccessFactors. If you want more specific examples of how it impacts the business, helps HR or makes work better, reach out and we will send you a few more!

See anything you want to add or update?

Whether you are looking at new modules or need support/optimization post go-live or maybe you are in the middle of an implementation and are looking for some client advocacy or insight. Book a Call so we can have a call to see how we can help. 

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