Hire to Retire Solutions with SAP SuccessFactors

Recruiting is challenging these days. Truth is, it has always been tough, but turnover is going faster than recruiting can hire. It is impossible to keep up. The solution is to build a career path for your team before they even start. It sounds crazy, but it is possible. Build it and they will come. More importantly, build it and they might stay.

Replicate results. Not work.

Why start from scratch or even out of the box? We have broken the work we do into reproduceable, predictable steps. They build on each other to help guide you thru steps of a transformation. Of course, we can meet you where you are! You can pick the one(s) you need right now. We can help map a path to where you want to be.


Strategy & Vision

Functional expertise in HR Strategy and Talent Management services to help define career paths with job classifications with scalable competencies. Developing their skill set will keep your workforce growing by helping them grow their career.

This is the work before your project: The vision, structure and scope discussions to be had early so you can be more informed while making decisions in planning for time and resources.


Current State

Let's be sure that you have your entire current state cared for in your upcoming design. This will make the opportunities to improve your processes really obvious. It will also give us a punch list to work from in your design workshop.


Design, Build & Deploy

We use the SAP Activate methodology to design, build and deliver SAP SuccessFactors modules. Whether it is a whole new enterprise solution, a single stand-alone module or adding a new module into your existing solution, we will meet you where you are and help make it easier to hire, develop and keep your workforce.

Of course, if we have already done steps 1 and 2, this part goes much faster!


Optimization & Support

Support is more than a ticket. Experienced consultants solving root cause issues means fewer repeat tickets. Documentation kept up to date as changes are made so that you always have current information available when you need to make decisions.


Site Admin Support & Training

We can provide a dedicated site admin for teams that would rather outsource that function (with on-shore US Citizens). Additionally we can provide a site admin in the short term while we train your new site admin and then stay on until they are good to go solo.

Not sure which steps to choose?

Get in touch and we'll walk you through the details to design a plan for you and your team.

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Overview videos from SAP

Some high level videos on products in case you are new to SuccessFactors. If you want more specific examples of how it impacts the business, helps HR or makes work better, reach out and we will send you a few more!

What is next on your road map?

Whether you are looking at new modules or need support/optimization post go-live or maybe you are in the middle of an implementation and are looking for some client advocacy or insight. Book a Call so we can have a call to see how we can help.