A subscription service provides a predictable cost with dedicated experts you can count on. Adding a certified consultant on your internal team is a great asset as you build and manage a SuccessFactors program without additional headcount.


A framework to use as structure to be sure your team is ready for a project.

Outcomes delivered:

  • Define Future Success & KPI of desired outcomes.
  • Future State Assessment & Gap Analysis.
  • Transformation Readiness Workshop.

Some benefits are:

  • Know what you have, what to buy, and what to turn off.
  • Reduce time/cost on change orders.
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You know your vision, let’s do the planning to be sure the build meets KPI.

Outcomes delivered:

  • Iteration 1 Workbook for SuccessFactors Module.
  • Advisory services to support the sales cycle.
  • Program Management Starter Kit.
  • More Training.

Some benefits are:

  • Buyers make better informed decisions.
  • With true requirements, the build is easier and testing more complete.


A product expert and client advocate to serve on the client team. 

Options include:

  • Attendance of defined team meetings.
  • Weekly check-in with client project lead.
  • Governance and Release Management.
  • More training.

Some benefits are:

  • Standing calls and Predictable Budget.
  • Better empowered and self-reliant team.

Experts Available to Join Your Team

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