“...understands the needs of the administrators and the business and goes the extra mile to help us all succeed.”

- Dawn Broxterman

“Their experience and expertise really helped us understand what we should do and not just how to do it.”

- Jason Brumbach

“...immediately added value to the team. Not only does she bring of her SuccessFactors knowledge, but she also challenges you with best practice recommendations...with amazing people and relationship skills. She knows how to explain something very complicated in a simple way....”

- David Dadoun

“It is the best money I have ever spent on my business, that's for sure. I am shocked at how much I was really spending on non-revenue generating activities. It has helped me love my job again.”

- Sally Holland

“...was a fantastic support for our organization. Did a great job challenging our preconceived assumptions and think about simpler ways to handle business processes and configuration items.”

- Christopher Ballard

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