Interview the Top 3-5 ASAP

Instead of Post and Pray where you hire the best of those who applied, tell us who you are looking for. We will find 30-60 prospective candidates, review their background & screen based on your agreed upon criteria & Submit Them To You.

All you need to do is provide timely feedback and interview 3-5 people.

Get Started

Schedule a 30-Minute Call

We will discuss your business, what urgent roles are sitting empty and what has been already to try to fill it and to see if we like each other.

We will send an agreement

Standard things like our deliverables and pricing as well as our guarantee and sliding scale - all spelled out.

Set up a 1:1 standing session

Schedule a standing time to check in regularly to ensure that candidates get quick feedback and help us coordinate with you and your team to ensure the interview and hiring process is a smooth process for everyone.

Find, Screen and Submit

We will find the top candidates and get them in front of you as fast as possible. We will get feedback from the submittals and make adjustments to our candidate profile where needed.

Hiring Process

We coordinate interview schedules and gather feedback to help you get to your shortlist. Once you decide which you will offer to, we can help with the negotiation process and then follow up with the candidate and your team after the start date at days 7, 30, 45 and 60 to be sure that the candidate is on track.

Solution Pricing

Choose the plan that works for you

If you are a federal, state or local organization we can use our GSA contract to staff your project.

Federal contractors - reach out if you need a teaming partner to support staffing needs on your next RFQ.

Company Profile


Start Today
  • Company Culture
  • Recruiting Road Map
  • Define Strategy
  • Agree to Timeline

Need more? You can upgrade at any time.


Search & Screen

20% of 1st year base

  • Job Intake Call
  • Job Description
  • Search Strategy
  • Screening Criteria
  • Interview Management
  • Offer to Hire Stewardship
  • Client slack channel

Pipeline Warmer*

sliding fee scale

  • Everything from Pro
  • Sliding scale discount**
  • Pipeline engagement

* only available for clients that have hired 2 or more of the same role in the last 18 months

**3rd & 4th placement @ 18% and every placement thereafter at 15% for the repeat roles only

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

If you choose to go Search&Screen, you will be billed 20% of the first year's base salary on the start date of your new hire. Terms are NET 30 with a guarantee of 1 replacement should they leave before 60 days.

What I don't want to hire full time right away?

No worries. We can hire them as a contractor and bill you weekly based on the hours they work. We will get them paid at the same time.

What if I decide to hire my contractor?

Perfect! We have an easy conversion process. The sum of fees you have paid on your contractor will be deducted from your direct hire fee. You reduced your risk at hire and we want it to be easy to hire your contractor.  

What is your recruiting focus?

We have done technical recruiting since 2010. Software engineers, developers, Network engineers, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cleared positions welcome

SAP SuccessFactors

When can I get started?

Right away! You are a 30 minute call to define your needs & your company culture and align on the process to get your urgent roles filled right away.  After that, the speed of the hire is greatly dependent on your availability to interview and your ability to provide timely feedback.

How can you promise a pipeline warmer?

This offering is for clients that hire the same roles in the same locations over and over again. Because everything is the same and we already have a network in that space from your prior search, it is pretty easy to find someone faster because we aren't starting from scratch.  

How does the teaming arrangement work?

We hire and staff IT roles (software developers/engineers, cybersecurity, CMS, Web development, Drupal, UX/UI, Agile practitioners, Scrum Masters etc). We provide our prices on initial term and check market rates to be sure we have enough room in the margin. We get an NDA and teaming arrangement in place and work the RFQ Deadline.

What kind of help do you give candidates?

We provide coaching in our screening sessions that will help with your resume and career pathing. We will give tips on communication and/or interview skills as needed, but we don't tell you want to say to the client. We want to be sure that you have conversations that give you both insight to personalities etc. That won't happen in you are over-coached.

A Note from the Founder

How it all started  

I LOVE recruiting. I caught the recruiting bug in the early 2000's. Ya know, back when Boolean in google was a certification. Tech has really progressed!

When I built the systems and processes for Simply Staffed, I created a machine based on a decade of ATS implementations so that would enable us to find the candidates and get them screened & submitted quickly [of course], but I also wanted to have a solution that was so easy to use, training staff would be easy & consistent service would be a given. I also wanted to make it easy for clients to get help.

That's why I created this page and community. I hope you'll join us and see how we can make your recruiting experience better.