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You Chose the Right Software: Get Ready

You have made a decision on which HCM to use - woo hoo! The sales process is daunting but there is so much to do to ensure that you have a successful implementation. Success is not defined by go live. After you have been live a month and you no longer use words like firefighting or stabilization. You can avoid these words altogether with planning and a little advise from a consultant who has been built HR solutions for the last ten years. Here are a few things I would share with anyone about to start their next project.

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Performance is NOT about a Form

If you are doing an annual form without any regular activities to support the growth of your team members, you are not really driving performance. Remember that management is a servant role. Your job is to develop and support each team member to help them evolve and grow. Evolving, growing people tend to be happy. Happy people tend to stay...

Business Analysts, The Jack of All Trades & No Candidates

There is a reason that so many SuccessFactors Business Analyst roles sit empty. Many ask for so most modules and even implementation experience and/or certification. For a full-time W2 role paying half of what a person with that skill set could earn independently.

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