Get to know us.

We're your full-service partner in talent delivery.  

Simply Staffed was founded in staffing and has provided contingent placement, sourcing and recruiting process design since 2010. Our top values are client advocacy and doing the right thing.

We feel that it is not enough to recruit someone. That is important, but we need to be sure that your workforce have tools to support a culture so good that they are happy to stay. That initiative is what defines how we implement software.

Our Process

We like to start with a conversation so we understand your why to ensure that we solve your problems instead of just standing up software or throwing people at the problem. Be intentional.

Our free initial consultation will give us an idea of the issue but where your business is today. We will use that come up options based on proven methods and best practices, customized to you and your needs. These plans may include both solutions or services to support your talent process and strategy, as well as projected KPIs and results.  

We'll work with you to build a plan that will be the most beneficial for your budget, timeline, and goals. Then, we assemble your team and kick off to execute our agreed upon plan.

Shouldn't it be easier?

Talent Delivery can be complex. Many clients struggle to manage projects and track status - reports are out of date the minute after they are produced and team members have to track conflicting to do lists - so we provide real time transparency to show project status and budget as well as talent portal for any candidates submitted. Why? Because it is more efficient! Team members have one place to enter time and progress and see any upcoming tasks and Project Managers can see at a glance where we are with less admin busywork.

Let's work together

Our team is excited to start building a plan to be sure you have the talent you need for your company to grow - from recruiting process and delivery to talent strategy that will build a culture needed to keep and grow your team.

Get a free initial consultation to chat with a talent expert so we can learn about you and see how we can help you deliver the talent to ensure your company grows.