Get to know us.

Simply Staffed was founded in staffing and has provided direct hire and contract placements as well as recruiting process design since 2010.

We started with a focus in technology because that was our functional background and where our network was strongest. Our founder, Tracy Webster, has been in HR since 2000 on the corporate side and HCM since 2012. With implementation and support services across the US, our network started really growing in HR, HRIS, and People leaders as well as all of the colleagues and friends at many of the consulting firms.

We are glad to use our network to help connect the dots between talent and companies and do quite a bit of work filling roles in HCM: from consultants, project managers, and architects for projects to leadership roles and team members for clients to help manage their program.

Our Process

We like to start with a conversation so we understand your role and your culture. We build out a persona or profile to help us find and engage people who would be a great addition to your team.

Our client onboarding and job order intake processes advise if there needs to be any adjustments to our sourcing and pipeline building strategies. Then we get to work building a short list so you can get interviewing as soon as possible.

Of course, with repeat customers, we have most of this already so getting support for a known role moves even faster!

Our team is excited to start building a plan to be sure you have the talent you need for your company to grow - from recruiting process and delivery to talent strategy that will build a culture needed to keep and grow your team.

Get a free initial consultation to chat with a talent expert so we can learn about you and see how we can help you deliver the talent to ensure your company grows.