We have been where you are!

We have a functional background to go with our tech skills... and it makes all the difference.


Simply Staffed was founded in staffing and has provided direct hire and contract placements as well as recruiting process design since 2010. We started like many small shops, as generalists with job orders that spanned an entire company. To hone in on our expertise and enable us to build experts, we have narrowed our focus to IT and HCM. This allows our team to build strong networks of relationships instead of being reactive to chasing every lead.

With deep roots in recruiting and foundational expertise in HR systems, applications and processes, we help our clients to fill their open roles with the best available talent in the market. We have diverse industry experience and have supported global teams and projects. Like anything else, our company and services have evolved as we grew.

A Place to Land - Actual Office Space!

To get ready for growth as we pursue contracts in the public sector and a growing client base, we purchased a brick and mortar location in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio - 12 minutes to downtown minus the traffic with lots of parking and 25 minutes from the airport (CVG).

In our 1887 sqft, we have reception, open office space, 5 offices, a large conference room for events, workshops and training, along with kitchen (ALOT of coffee) and two restrooms.

REMOTE/ONSITE/HYBRID: We are very much a hybrid shop. Some work remote and travel. Some work onsite at client and others work onsite at our location for the client as an outsourced team member. Where we work is dependent on the needs of the client and the type of work. We aim to use the guide of value-added to help us decide, but this is on a per role basis.

Meet Tracy.

Hey there, my name is Tracy Webster and I am the founder & President of Simply Staffed.

I have been in HR since 2000 on the corporate side, launched a recruiting agency in 2010 and then attained SAP Partnership status in 2018.

Consulting Background

I have implemented SuccessFactors across the country and in most industries with quite a few rescue projects. I work with other experienced, principal-level consultants to help them keep their calendars full. Let me know if you need help in this space. We have all modules covered and happy to pitch in.

Once a Recruiter. Always a Recruiter.

When I started consulting, I thought I would need to move on from recruiting, but my design discussions are so much better because I am a recruiter.

I love recruiting and taking care of people. I have been unable to choose between recruiting and consulting and it turns out that as my company grows, I am recruiting internally...maybe all things do start with recruiting!

Over the years, no matter what job I have had, at least twice a day someone will contact me for more people. I have learned to let my clients tell me what they need - & then listen and adjust accordingly.

Tracy Webster





Many Say They Wish They Met Us First

We have rescued a lot of projects that were in trouble or their consultant left in the middle for various reasons. As we find a path forward, we are often told that they wish they had known that when they bought the product or selected a vendor.

Often times, the team that decides on your vendor is not going to be on the team with the vendor. It is difficult to navigate the buying process before you have been equipped withe knowledge that you only get after a project. Many clients are flying blind during the early days from scoping the work and drafting requirements. We can help!

Get a free initial consultation to chat with a talent expert so we can learn about your current state and challenges faced. We can help you design a strategy to deliver the talent to ensure your company grows.