Local Office Serving the Nation

A Busy Year!

To get ready for growth as we pursue contracts in the public sector and a growing client base, we purchased a brick and mortar location in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio - 12 minutes to downtown minus the traffic with lots of parking and 25 minutes from the airport (CVG).

In our 1887 sqft, we have reception, open office space, 5 offices, a large conference room for events, workshops and training, along with kitchen (ALOT of coffee) and restrooms.

REMOTE/ONSITE/HYBRID: We are very much a hybrid shop. Some work remote and travel. Some work onsite at client and other work onsite at our location for the client as an outsourced team member. Where we work is dependent on the needs of the client and the type of work. We aim to use the guide of value-added to help us decide, but this is on a per role basis.

About Us

Simply Staffed was founded in staffing and has provided direct hire and contract placements as well as recruiting process design since 2010. We started with a focus in technology because that was our functional background and where our network was strongest. With deep roots in recruiting and foundational expertise in HR systems, applications and processes, we help our clients to fill their open roles with the best available talent in the market.

We have experience in most commercial industries and have experience with global teams and projects. Like anything else, our company and services have evolved as we grew. We let the needs of our customers tell us what we should offer and we go where we are needed. A few milestones:

  • SAP Partnership
  • Subcontracted on several DOE projects as a lead consultant on multiple SuccessFactors implementations
  • Rolled out contract placement capabilities & optimized internal HR processes to scale
  • WBENC certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Government Contractor with a contract vehicle on the GSA MAS
  • Active in the GSA contractor space and participating in several teams to support federal agencies in their recruiting initiatives
  • Actively in pursuit of new clients: subcontractors or prime engagements in the federal state and local in the public sector as well as in the commercial/industry space.

2023 was a building year for us. We had to get systems & processes established so that we were ready to scale in 2024. Q4 is already very busy and I am very excited to see what 2024 brings.

A Note From Our Founder

Hey there, my name is Tracy Webster and I am the founder & President of Simply Staffed.

I have been in HR since 2000 on the corporate side and HCM since 2012. With implementation and support services across the US, our network started really growing in HR, HRIS, and People leaders as well as all of the colleagues and friends at many of the consulting firms. I worked for several boutique firms over the span of six years before taking those skills and adding services that focus on SAP SuccessFactors in 2018.

Building self-sufficiency in the client will not put us out of a job. We like to leave a trail of experts in our wake. As the client gets further in their journey, we help them with the next milestone. Will they need less of our time? Maybe, but the time they spend with us will be more valuable. We do not hoard knowledge. We grow leaders.

I love recruiting and taking care of people. I have been unable to choose between recruiting and consulting because they are both critical. Some clients need help with strategy, process, branding etc. and I am happy to help them get those things right. Over the years, no matter what job I have had, at least twice a day someone will contact me for more people. I have learned to let my clients tell me what they need - & then listen and adjust accordingly.

Lessons Learned from Decades of Projects

Stay focused and leverage tech to make work easier, faster and a better experience for the people. Remember that as HR practitioners, we are charged to be "the people people". This means that people should be our why - the center of everything - the driver for our decisions.

  • Gather business needs, complaints & future state goals.
  • Fix your processes - it isn't about making bad go faster.
  • Define problems and then design solutions to solve them.
  • Start with the end in mind. List fields required in employee record.
  • Please avoid the shiny object syndrome.
  • Align process to standard configurations and then optimize.
  • You can only automate what you standardize.

You Could Have What Others Wished For!

We have been told by many clients in the middle of the project that they "wish they would have met us before the project started so they could have made informed buying & planning decisions." You have that chance.

Get a free initial consultation to chat with a talent expert so we can learn about you and see how we can help you deliver the talent to ensure your company grows.