Why is it that SuccessFactors projects are so often late and go over budget?

Some of the most common reasons are:

-Scope creep and change orders

-Organizations are forced to make purchasing decisions without true requirements

-Change management, testing and governance are left to last if done at all

-Underestimate the time or size of team needed

-Team change or staffing issues

Find out how having a product expert on the client side of the table who is not the person selling you software can be a game changer. A little pre-project work can change everything.

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We have standard repeatable processes with experts to help you:

- craft a vision and build a strategy

- be informed before you had to make decisions

- avoid common issues in a transformation project

- be an expert (or have one with you) during design sessions

- improve your KPIs or decide to outsource some work

- simplify change management: build training into the UI

- get the right talent on your team ASAP

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Experience Matters

People who have implemented 100s of solutions learn to ask good questions. They know how to challenge you in a non-confrontational way to drive the conversation to requirements that will solve real world business problems while building a great relationship with their client. Soft skills are what make a good consultant great.

A great consultant is like that friend who is brave enough to tell you the truth and keep you from doing things you will regret later even though it is sometimes uncomfortable or awkward.



Average 15+ years of SuccessFactors and/or SAP backed with deep functional experience.



Technology alone will not "fix it". We advise, educate & empower our clients.



Between us, our team has worked in most industries for many clients you know.



Clever but standard design to meet needs & also stay supported at release time.

Not sure where to start? We've heard that before.

Get in touch and we'll walk you through the details & design a plan for you and your team.

Client Advocacy Services in a Fixed Fee Model

What if you could have an experienced, certified consultant with a solid track record, great people skills and deep product knowledge to help you scope your requirements? and use that to draft your RFP?

What if you could also have that same person who now knows your requirements to:

-sit in and participate in your design sessions?

-be a sounding board?

-help develop your team's skills?

-enable a successful go live?

-help with release recommendations?

-give a realistic expectation of time to manage?

-framework for governance, program & release mgmt?

Without increasing your headcount.

With predictable subscription or fix fee pricing.

This client advocate can enable more informed decisions, guide your team to grow their skill set and expertise to be sure that you spend your HR Tech budget wisely and get the value you deserve.

Fixed Fee Service Offerings

What is next on your road map?

Whether you are looking at new modules or need support/optimization post go-live or maybe you are in the middle of an implementation and are looking for some client advocacy or insight. There is a lot to learn so we have provided some overview videos below. Feel free to Book a Call so we can have a call to see how we can help. 

Check out some SuccessFactors Overview Videos from SAP