Certified, Experienced SuccessFactors Consultants are hard to find and harder to hire

Consider fractional leadership to give your team access to thought leadership and support without increasing headcount

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Where Are You On Your Journey?


strategy & scope

Fixed Fee services to help prepare you to buy software & be sure you are kickoff ready


design & build

Design, Workbooks & configuration. Testing, UAT & Governance Planning.

Post Go-Live

support & deliver

Optimize your solution, training, release management, team enablement


recruit & retain

Contingent and contract recruiting, outsourced services & HR process design.

Not sure where to start? We've heard that before.

Here are some SuccessFactors overview videos from SAP. Check out what is coming!

Overview Videos from SAP

Client Advocate as a Service

Subscription-based services that give predictable cost and dedicated expert you can count as part of your internal team. Certified Consultants are a great asset to you as you build and manage your SuccessFactors solution and talent management program.

Clarity & Vision

A framework to use as structure to be sure you are ready for project. Outcomes delivered:

  • Future State Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Program Management Starter Kit & Planning Calendar
  • Transformation Readiness Workshop

Some benefits are:

  • Understanding what you have now, what you need to buy or turn off, and crafting the needed integrations is a game changer! 
  • You won’t have the  common scope, timeline and budget change orders.

Requirements Workshop

You know your vision, let’s define a path forward. Outcomes delivered:

  • Modules & Features from the Clarity process will build out a matrix that you can use for a well defined RFP.
  • Advisory services to support the sales cycle.

Some benefits are:

  • An expert who is not selling you software will help you know what questions to ask before you decide.
  • Making informed buying decisions in the sales cycle is one of the biggest things that prevent late & over budget projects. 

Fractional Leadership

A product expert and client advocate to serve on the client team.  Options include:

  • Design workshop attendance
  • Weekly check-in with client project lead
  • Governance and Change Control
  • Release Management and Strategy
  • Set Hours per Week & Standing Calls

Some benefits are:

  • An experienced certified consultant to answer questions and provide guidance as well as raise flags as early as possible will pay for itself

Support Subscriptions

Subscriptions can flex so that you have more when you go live and then as your team is built out, you will likely take some work in-house.

  • Tier 1 (Instructional Support)
  • Tier 2 (Troubleshooting & Triage)
  • Tier 3 (Consultation & Configuration)  

Some benefits are: 

  • Predictable budgets and scalable teams:
  • A team that can support you in a model that can flex with your needs
  • Our training can build self-sufficiency to help your team grow.

Experience Matters

People who have implemented 100s of solutions learn to ask good questions. They know how to challenge you in a non-confrontational way to drive the conversation to requirements that will solve real world business problems while building a great relationship with their client. Soft skills are what make a good consultant great.

A great consultant is like that friend who is brave enough to tell you the truth and keep you from doing things you will regret later even though. Tough conversations are much better than surprises later.



Average 15+ years of SuccessFactors and/or SAP backed with deep functional experience.



Technology alone will not "fix it". We advise, educate & empower our clients.



Between us, our team has worked in most industries for many clients you know.



Clever but standard design to meet needs & also stay supported at release time.

Is Your Program Management Strategy In Place?

Whether you are already live or preparing for a launch, don't get things like Governance, Change Control, Training, Documentation, and Release Management. Check out our offerings.