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We have worked in the HCM/HR space for over twenty years. We work with some amazing companies & have a growing network. They are listed below.

If you have a product or service that will improve the processes from hire & onboard to reward & develop for clients, book a call to see if we should partner.

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Simply Staffed is a silver partner that provides Successfactors services for modules from hire & onboard to reward & develop.

Simply Staffed uses this RPA product that not only pulls down workbooks (which is awesome) but it can also can push configuration back up!

Super helpful when dropped into a new client for support. Also used in our governance framework.

The Simply Staffed go-to when we need a Super-Niched/Laser-Focused Headhunter that specialize in filling sales roles: SDR, Lead Generation, Account Management, Executives, hunters/farmers.

We strive to increase the number of women in technology and leadership positions with training, development and empowerment.

Make stewardship easier for HR

If you have a product or service that makes it easier for companies to find, reward or develop their workforce and you would like to partner with Simply Staffed, tell us a little about yourself and how we can work together to support shared clients. Or if you would rather, just Book a Call at the top of the page.

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