We can help you make SuccessFactors Program Management easier.

  • Systems, processes & teams to manage your solutions.
  • RPA Tools to make in-house configuration much easier.
  • Tools to help with Governance: changes, releases and testing.
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The most common problems we solve

Any combination of these tools can be bundled into a subscription model.


Getting support without up to date workbooks is hard.


Make changes in the system & workbook at the same time!


Endless tickets and change requests are impossible to keep up with!


Testing takes forever and I never seem to be able to test all the important scenarios

What should your program look like?

We encourage a monthly sprint cycle to manage your backlog. It will help give delivery structure, reduce costs and move you from reactive to intentional. It sounds aspirational, but it can be done.

Of course we will meet you where you and help you get there.

Automate Your Workbook Updates

Pull scheduled workbooks down from your instance to use by your team in support & requirements gathering

  • Current workbooks provided monthly
  • BONUS: You can compare instances!

Configuration Factory

We will leverage RPA to push your workbook with configuration changes based on your monthly sprint cycle and scheduled projects

  • Weekly load of changes to test or dev instance
  • Monthly load to prod

Outsourced Resources

We can provide workforce to work alongside your team to help create an internal support model

  • Tier 1 support
  • Tier 2 support
  • Client Advocate
  • Solution Architect

We can help your team run better.

If you want tools and services that empower your team

& support their growth reach out today!